Book Review: Pals: Women and Grenades

Pals: Women, & GrenadesPals: Women, & Grenades by J. Angelo Greco III
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

After reading this book I’m not sure that I’m hot enough to review it, but I’m sure the cocky surgeon main character, Joe, could fix me right up. So just pretend he already has for the purposes of this review.

Self-assured rich boys who generally get what they want, entrepreneur David and plastic surgeon Joe, are BFFs and business partners who develop of the most exclusive nightclubs in the NYC. David takes care of details, and sends Joe to wine and dine the daughters of the investors in an effort to bilk capital out of them. Joe does not believe in true love, only bromance with his pal, David. Joe is only interested in the hottest of hotties, but gets in trouble when his current assignment, mob boss daughter, Alexis - who is a supermodel, and somehow also has red hair, green eyes and freckles despite her Sicilian origins - actually causes his heart to flutter as much as other body parts. It gets worse when he gets framed for her murder. Will the rich boys extricate themselves from this situation, or has their currency-enhanced luck run out?

The introduction of this book has the author bragging about his self-confidence, and let me tell you it really comes through in the book. To the point where I was really turned off and kind of rooting for the mob, if I’m being perfectly honest. I get the plastic surgeons are kind of the fly boys of the medical world, and generally can get any woman they want (described in graphic detail in the book, for those of you looking to avoid swearing and sex) but honestly it did not help my sympathy towards the main character, Joe. I really appreciate that he highlights the importance of having solid friendships and a buddy who will back you up no matter what, but the over abundance of movie analogies and description of teenage sexual escapades really overshadowed that message that he was supposedly trying to get across. The plot itself was not so bad, but also overshadowed by the flash backs to his teenage horny self. So if you are into that sort of thing, enjoy.

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