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So this week I'm covering the gamut, I've posted book reviews, explained a little about essential oils (EOs) and now I'm talking about my other job, adoption.

I LOVE adoption.

Don't misunderstand, adoption is challenging. it's gritty, it's grief-filled, there are a lot of problems with the system, it can be heartbreaking. But just like many of the most difficult parts of your life, it's absolutely wonderful. I really challenge people to take a hard look about how they feel about adoption, particularly those who allow their kids to be adopted by others. What is your stereotype of a birth parent? Is it really accurate, particularly accurate for modern adoption, or do you still see it the way it was 50 years ago?

Beginning the Process: For Biological Parents

Tina Tyra and I have been collaborating on a blog series for biological parents on how to get started with adoption and things you need to consider - including whether it's the right decision for you or not. If you know anyone who is considering adoption for their child, born or unborn, please send them my way. We have a lot of great families waiting to adopt, and a lot of great support for those placing a child for adoption.  

Please note, while there may be affiliate links or payment for reviews, all opinions are my own. You can't buy a good review from me, people. I am way too mouthy for that.
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