Book Review: Evening Wolves

Crescent’s finest homicide detective, Mike Erland, is called into Fircrest Manor to investigate the murder of a beautiful, unknown stranger who was an attendee at a Libertarian fundraiser. Imagine his surprise to come face to face with her later, or rather her twin sister, who happens to be a special agent for Homeland Security. What follows is a whirlwind investigation into both her twin’s murder and determination to solve the case she was working on, involving an international information dealer and huge security threat to the US.

“Evening Wolves” is a Biblical reference (Hab 1:8-11) to those who are in it for the violence and don’t care who they hurt, they just sweep in and out and leave death in their wake. This story is full of such characters; they sweep in, kill and leave. Some get their justice in the end, but not until they have done as much damage as they can. This is a fast paced story with a lot of characters, but in the end you are rooting for Mike and Sierra to catch the diabolical and ruthless criminal known only as Jupiter, both to avenget her sister and to save the US from a huge information drain to terrorists. It was a great read, with one of my few objections being the indiscriminate use of italics to punctuate emphasis, which was somewhat insulting to the intelligence and annoying to the eye. But the characters were well developed, if somewhat haphazardly killed off occasionally, and it left you grieving the betrayal and loss. There were a lot of double agents, which kept you guessing as to who survived and who didn’t. All in all a good, fast-moving book that made you hope expect the worst but hope for the best.

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