Book Review: The Gnostic Prophecy

The Gnostic ProphecyThe Gnostic Prophecy by Mike Vasich
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One of the earliest Christian heresies, the Gnostics were convinced that they had a "spark" that others didn't. This made them special enough to be like Jesus, and tough luck if you didn't have the spark. The Gnostic Prophecy explores what that means for one Cerise Davenport, as she follows the trail of a colleague who ends up with a mysterious scroll that may just divulge exactly how right or wrong the Gnostics were. On the way she meets up with a mysterious little girl, an old flame struggling with the loss of his family, and a few naked superhuman teenagers determined to take her out.

The Gnostic Prophecy is a quick and interesting read, and actually does a great job of explaining Gnosticism in a nutshell for those uninitiated. It does end up with some spiritual interplay at the end, including some pretty weird interaction with "God." If you are interested in early Christianity, particularly the various heresies of the time, this is an interesting novel in that it assumes that one of them is actually true but unknown by most of mainstream Christianity. I'd be interested to see any follow up novels or a series that fleshes out Gnosticism further (pun fully intended) and brings it to modern times.

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