Book Review: Severed Threads

Severed ThreadsSevered Threads by Kaylin McFarren
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The first book in the Threads series, Severed Threads introduces us to unlucky Chase Cohen, a salvager who spends his time underwater treasure hunting, and Rachel Lyons, the daughter of a salvager who is determined not to rekindle a relationship with Chase, as she holds him responsible for her father’s untimely death. However, when Rachel is forced to help her brother get out of the clutches of criminals, she and Chase team up to find fabled treasure Heart of the Dragon, hidden somewhere in the wreck of the Wan Li, a legendary Chinese ghost ship, and a gamble as to whether it actually exists or not.

In Severed Threads, author Kaylin McFarren does an excellent job of setting up a back story both of the fabled treasure ship and its supposed curse of Mae Li, the unrequited mistress of a sea captain, as well as the spark between Rachel and Chase. She weaves in many secondary characters well, but the focus of the story is clearly how they find each other despite obstacles. I love the character development, particularly as it relates and sets up the next book, Buried Threads, which brings them even further into Asian tales and culture, inspired by McFarren’s knowledge of Asian art and antiques. I think this will be a well-written series where it is easy to lose yourself in the descriptive tales of antiquity and modernity.

See review of book 2 in this series, Buried Threads.

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