Book Review: Shape Shifters of the Suburbs

Shape Shifters of the Suburbs - The Boy From The Temple of HeavenShape Shifters of the Suburbs - The Boy From The Temple of Heaven by Luke Loaghan
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Mary Johnson has always wanted a child, and finally is able to adopt a 5 year old Chinese boy, one year before she ages out of the program. The adoption agency told her he was “different,” but she didn’t realize how different until she finally saw him change into an animal in his sleep. Breccan is a shape shifter, and it turns out a very powerful one at that. Unbelievably, in their sleepy Long Island suburb, more shape shifters emerge, and must band together to fight the evil presence that has been growing there for the past 30 years.

This book is written simply and is a little redundant in some places, but is a great read for tweens. Everyone wants to have a super power, and Breccan goes on a journey of discovery about his and learns to both work with and protect his friends, even those with similar powers. As he ends his tenure in middle school, however, new alliances are formed and new enemies made. I appreciated the adoption theme and how it was treated, as I run an adoption agency and get annoyed with negative stereotypes of the process. We often tell our families that you get the child you are meant to have, and in this case Mary comes to understand why she was rejected previously in her quest for a child, as she and Breccan were meant to be together. I think this will turn out to be a great series.

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