Book Review: Within a Presumption of Godlessness

Within a Presumption of Godlessness by Tom Dauria
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In Within A Presumption of Godlessness author Tom Dauria explores the shifting views of modern society from the traditional basis of the assumption of a supreme deity or deities to the the presumption that there is no god. This modern interpretation of the metaphysical realm assumes that science offers the only explanation of origin, purpose and the afterlife, and that religion is the opiate of the masses. Dauria explores such topics as the theory of evolution and its origins, modern media dismissing and even demonizing Judeo-Christian culture, and revisionist history that writes God and faith out of what is taught in academia today.

I was thrilled to see a book that takes on some of the modern cultural myths that have somehow permeated our ethos, particularly straightening out some of the revisionist history. I was a little annoyed by the constant referencing of the “too smart” and “educated stupid” as I thought that point was made in the first chapter and to keep harping on it was certainly not going to win over anyone so why bother. I have to admit I was a little thrown off by some of the logic and organization but overall there were some great points made, and expansion on the way history is taught in America (ie We are all taught about slavery in North America, but what about the rest of the world? Did you know it still happens? Where is the outrage for that?) My main concern was there was a A LOT of information, so much that I actually would have preferred a little more focus and maybe multiple books in a series. Some of it I thought was overkill (like the constant harping on the “educated stupid”) and some I would have liked to seen fleshed out a little more. In any case, I always appreciate when someone stands up for the common Christian in this day and age where I feel like I’m vilified at every turn. I would also recommend this book to the haters, just because honestly you need to hone your arguments. I don’t think this will change anyone’s mind who is determined that they are right about whatever their pet topic is, but maybe it will enhance the dialogue a little.

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