Book Review: A Descendant of Adam or Progeny of Apes

A Descendant of Adam or Progeny of Apes -Which Are You?A Descendant of Adam or Progeny of Apes -Which Are You? by David L Cole
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Creation vs. Evolution has been a hot topic for a long time, and recently come to the forefront again with the debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham. A Descendant of Adam takes the creationist position and argues against evolution.

While some compelling evidence was presented, particularly the reproduced article on carbon dating by Dr. Kent Hovind, the rest of the ebooklet I thought was a little light on persuading facts. While I lean creationist myself, in trying to put myself in the position of an evolutionist I have to conclude I would not be compelled by most of the arguments presented. It is common knowledge that Piltdown Man was a hoax, but still the theory of evolution is taught and accepted. Particularly if you are not a Christian, it is not too important that people were executed for trying to translate the Latin Scripture into the vernacular, so why does that matter in the argument against evolution? I wanted to see more articles like the one about the instability of carbon dating, which throws a lot of suspicion on fossils that are dated to “billions of years ago.” If more sciency type facts like that were presented I think the arguments would be far more compelling.

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