Book Review: How to Get Yourself Infected by Chronic Good Health

How to Get Yourself Infected by Chronic Good Health by Carl J Hagelstam
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Love the premise of the book, hate the title and the cover. How To Get Yourself Infected by Good Health is a good motto, but a mouthful of a title, and only slightly less awkward than the author picture for the cover. While I think it’s not a terrible pic of the author and his wife, I think that should be reserved for the author bio at the end, or maybe the back flap. As the premise of the book is basically to eat yourself healthy, a nice pic of appetizing whole fruits and veggies seems like a more appropriate choice to me.

However, the information provided is pretty solid, and I wish more people would read and apply. The initial story is of the author, Capt. Carl Hagelstam’s journey to a quintuple bypass, and how he healed remarkably quickly and staved off further heart disease by doing his own research and changing his diet, lifestyle and approach to healing. It is followed by his wife’s battle with cancer, and her similar approach and remission. He is very clear that he is not a doctor, but the approach he is advocating is backed up by a lot of alternative research, and basic science. Basically it boils down to, eat real food, get enough, rest, moderate exercise, and supplement appropriately, as our food has been depleted of a lot of vital nutrients in the past 50 years or so. This is stuff we all know we should do, but are lazy about actually doing. He is very thorough in describing and explaining the basic processes of the body, and the vitamins, minerals, and other substances that enhance the function. He also points out how our medical system doesn’t really solve too many problems because it is controlled by Big Pharma, and that there is good research out there to help.

This really resonates with me, as I have recently begun trying to really detoxify our home and food, implementing several of his strategies already (although I am super appreciative of his explanation of various supplements and vitamins and intend to further review our diet and vitamin intake) in addition to using essential oils for virtually all of our families every day medical issues like colds, scrapes, allergies, etc. (See my series of posts on the subject, posted the last several Tuesdays.) I would love to see follow up books with more in depth research on particular topics, e.g. cancer or autism, and perhaps some financial strategies for finding and affording good food, since that seems to be out of reach for many, while the crap at the grocery store you can get free with double coupons. All in all Im thrilled he and his wife are doing so well and look forward to hearing that their aging gracefully plan is working well.

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