Book Review: Your Family Tree! What's in Your Roots?

Your Family Tree! What's in Your Roots?Your Family Tree! What's in Your Roots? by David L Cole
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This is an interesting little e-booklet about how to research your family tree and ancestral line. There are some really useful tips and tricks about which websites are worthwhile and which are kind of a waste of money, and some information about less than reputable aids. While I appreciated the enthusiasm of the author David L. Cole, there were a number of outdated grammatical errors (such as an overuse of hyphens in words like pro-gram rather than program) and organization was somewhat lacking. I think that the process he presented was a good one but I would love to see more of his process and some of the personal pitfalls and successes included rather than just general statements about how he traced his line back to England. I also would love to see more images included, as I really enjoyed the ones that were there, perhaps examples of census records or graves. However if you are really unsure of where to begin this provides a very easy place to start.

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