What You Can Control

Like I said in my last post, you are in charge of your health care. Not the government, not your pharmacist, not your insurance, not your friends, not Big Food, Big Pharma, Big anything else, and not even your mommy. Unless you’re still a kid, then tell your mommy she’s doing an excellent job taking care of you if she’s looking into EOs. And if you are a mommy, recognize that raising your children is your job, along with their daddy, and that sometimes you know more than your doctor about them, given that you live with them day in and day out. 


I’m not discounting physicians, they go to school for a long time and know more than I do about being sick and how to treat sick people. I’m grateful for that, and heartily endorse using them for this purpose. However, I’m also heartily endorsing NOT being sick if you can help it. I use EOs to keep my family healthy, and treat minor issues that come up for every mom, like scrapes, headaches, colds, etc. Now no one is perfect, and I still take my kids to the doctor for well-kid check ups or if there is a really serious issue. But you need to know that you are perfectly capable of doing a lot of stuff at home yourself. And by keeping your kids healthy and not on antibiotics every other month for ear infections, like we were before we started using EOs, you are actually protecting them from major problems like super bugs that are starting to be antibiotic resistant. Check out this study on DT’s On Guard blend vs. MRSA!

Do I know there are a lot of factors not in your control regarding health? Duh, of course there are. We all have genetic traits and predispositions, and to some extent we are limited by availability. But I think sometimes we are so overwhelmed by what we can’t control that we forget there is stuff we can. Do you know what you can control? What goes in your mouth and on your body. Taking back this part of your life will send you light years ahead of everyone else as far as health is concerned. We don’t have to rely what we are spoon fed about health care, what is good to eat, how to raise our kids, how to be married, how to live our lives. In some ways I love the amount of information we have access to, because it gives us alternatives that we may not have considered otherwise. But it also makes it difficult to filter and figure out what is correct and what isn’t.

Which leads me to say, feel free to disagree with me. Seriously. I don’t care so much about being right (okay that is a giant lie, but hear me out) as that you are actively using your brain and trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t. If you give me a good argument I’ll consider it. If you parrot something you found on a website, or something the CDC told you, I’ll totally call it BS until you actually look it up yourself. And before you call BS on me and say I drank the EO Koolaid (which is actually MUCH healthier than actual Koolaid) know this, I actually did some research, and decided to test it out for myself. I didn't share it with anyone until I could say, look, my headache is gone and yours probably can be too! I challenge you to do the same. I actually am not a huge fan of direct marketing, largely because I hate sales in general (for myself, I’m totally grateful that there are people who make the economy go ‘round, such as my husband, who has some excellent insurance products if you need them) but am willing to test things out to see if they are all the salesman claims. 

Most aren’t. 

DoTerra is. 

There are a lot of EO companies, some provide quality products but not all. I love that DT provides 3rd party testing on every batch, and shows you that it is 100% pure. So much so they actually created their  own quality standard called Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade to set them apart from other companies. And, quite frankly, they’ve worked for us. My husband can testify to the efficacy of peppermint, and I genuinely believe they are helping my son with some of his delays. Maybe that’s wishful thinking, but I have had comments from others about his progress, so I think it’s not. Don’t misunderstand, I am not saying they are a silver bullet, just part of our overall process and therapies for him. Many of you have typically developing children, I do too. I recognize that if all of my children were, I might not have looked into EOs because we are fine, so why bother. Let me tell you, they are beneficial for everyone, they are just more evident when there is a problem. If you are interested in taking charge of your own health care, let me know. 

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