Book Review: An Alien to Existence

An Alien To ExistenceAn Alien To Existence by Jon D Gemma
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Whoa. After reading this book I kind of feel like I’m waking up from quite a trip of the substance aided variety. Ok, honestly I have never had that type of trip, but if I had I imagine it would be a lot like An Alien to Existence. The story by Gemma follows the subject Newell, who is a gifted artist with the personality to match. He navigates childhood aided by the misguided but loving attempts of his family, but is not so good at being an adult. When his book bombs he goes into a nervous breakdown, that presumably summons the beings of the afterlife.

There is a lot of fabulous imagery used, but it is difficult to follow. I know that Newell was going on a journey of finding himself, and that we are supposed to do likewise, but I feel like Newell ended up far more lost than the author intended him to be. I don’t know if this is somewhat autobiographical or not, but given the creative nature of authors and the genius that sometimes drives one to madness it would not surprise me. Still, it is a fascinating read, and I was happy to be challenged by it.

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