Book Review: The Bed Bed is a deceptively simple two act play portraying a married couple, Joe and Sara Isaia, at various stages in their lives, beginning on their wedding night and ending in the year 2045. Note, as stated this is a play, and is written as a script, not a novel. I really love that about it though, it adds to the appeal. If you are familiar with live theater you can see everything unfolding in your imagination, and it adds to the ambience.

Joe is going to be a famous painter, and Sara is a nurse. Their marriage is not perfect by any means, but it is clear that they love each other. I love the theme and the representation of the bed as the constant in their lives. I am thrilled to see a story celebrating a long marriage without diminishing the difficulty of it; I wish there was more of this out there. I think this would be a great play for college students to perform, and it seems like it can be done well without a lot of high budget flashy effects, which I appreciate. Sometimes the most compelling stories take place during the quiet, intimate moments in our lives, and Vlachos has capture that in Joe and Sara’s story.

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