Book Review: Life with One Eye Open

Carlson begins by explaining Dopplegangers, and how the main character in Life with One Eye Open is being viewed by her dead Doppleganger, who provides the narration for the story. It is an interesting perspective, as the Doppleganger does not provide character names, but instead refers to My Twin, the Young Girl, etc. These names persist throughout the story, even though it is quite clear the Young Girl is no longer young by the end. Everyone seems to exist as they are when the Doppleganger first met them.

This is a tragic story, admittedly, spattered throughout with poetry from the perspective of My Twin. However, both Doppleganger and My Twin seem to come to the same conclusion, that by the end of her difficult story - and the book - the better story that you must invent for yourself is merely the beginning. But while providing detail it is quite clear that the reader has to invest some effort in finishing the story, and it seems quite autobiographical in some respects. If you like clear cut, fast paced, happy ending stories this is not for you. But if you enjoy realistic life choices and the pain associated with them, along with some hope for Divine intervention, you will enjoy making your own music along with My Twin.  

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