Book Review: The Sanctuary

The SanctuaryThe Sanctuary by Cassandra R. Siddons
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Lydia has a problem. Her recently and unexpectedly deceased husband had kept a secret from her that may now cost her land that has been in her family for generations, an island off the coast of South Carolina called The Sanctuary. To get it back she rallies her group of girlfriends who call themselves the Carolina Girls Forever. This starts a cross-country road trip, a reconciliation, an intervention, and a few other instances of heart-pouring. Lydia isn’t the only Carolina girl with secrets and problems, after all.

The Sanctuary seems like a Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants cross with Steel Magnolias. While a good warm fuzzy sisterhood book - complete with recipes at the end, which I loved - I was a little underwhelmed by the writing. There was a LOT of emotion being experienced by the characters, but the writing itself was sort of just a flat description. I thought it was odd that so much emotion was written so emotionlessly. I was also a little annoyed by the sitcom endings of some of the huge issues, and there were many huge issues. You know there’s no problem that a sitcom can’t solve in 30 minutes, but life doesn’t generally work out that way. I find it hard to accept that some of the huge personal, emotional, financial and relational issues can be put behind you so easily. Still, I think this is a nice beach read or book club discussion book, but it’s not as deep as it needs to be to be a take-your-breath-away novel.

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