Book Review: The Misadventures of Hobart Hucklebuck

The Misadventures of Hobart HucklebuckThe Misadventures of Hobart Hucklebuck by Stan Swanson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Hobart and his friends live in the town of Pennywhistle, and all of a sudden things go all wonky. Enchanted household items are not performing their tasks on command, which is highly inconvenient. As Hobart determines to get to the bottom of this (what else is there to do on spring break after all) he and his friends shrink down to the size of a pixie, explore the now defunct broom factory, and cautiously befriend the local bully. Things get dicey, though, when Hobart’s grandfather is accused of causing the trouble, and Hobart becomes more determined than ever to figure out the cause.

I was a little concerned that Hobart would basically be a more alliterative knock-off of Harry Potter, but I was pleasantly surprised in the plot and characters. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a book that I think better serves the tween crowd, but it is a cute, magical story about some kids fighting to clear Hobart’s grandfather’s good reputation. The characters were well-defined and the relationships realistic, just in a magical setting. All in all I think it’s a good light read for anyone who is a fan of the genre, particularly early chapter book readers who need short, engaging chunks of content.

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