The Ultimate Healthy Living Ebook Bundle - and how to get it FREE!

Well this seems tailor-made for me and I bet it is for you too! I like books, so much so that I review them regularly here. I also like healthy living, or at least I like ideas on how to live healthier. Hence the weekly posts on Essential Oils and my blathering about doTerra. Combine these two and The Ultimate Healthy Living Ebook Bundle is a no-brainer, right?

Well, what you also may or may not know about it me is I like free. I coupon when I can, I enter contests, I get free samples. I clothes swap, I sell excess on Craigslist, I cook from scratch. I Ebates, I Swagbucks, I MyPoints. I do what I can, where I can, because I'm still a busy woman and my family and adoption agency are still the priority. But to combine so many of my interests all in one fell swoop?

I'll pause to do a little happy dance. No I won't subject you to it.

To sum up, if you enter your email at this link, and post your unique referral on social media you can get this ebook bundle discounted, and even free! I would like free, so hows about you all go sign up and help me out here ;)

Aside from my blatant freebie begging, this bundle sounds like an awesome deal even if you buy it. There are over 70 books included and the combined value is over $1,000, from what I hear. There are some bonuses included in some of the books as well, for even more freebie punch! I'll post more info about it when I get it, but for now go sign up for a referral link and start getting yours free too!

Shout out to Money Saving Mom, where I found out about this deal!

Please note, while there may be affiliate links or payment for reviews, all opinions are my own. You can't buy a good review from me, people. I am way too mouthy for that.
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