9/11 and Other Musings

Does anyone else still feel somewhat confused on how to observe 9/11/01? On the one hand I feel like I have to continue on with normality, because I still vividly remember the whole live-your-lives-or-the-terrorists-win sentiment that was so prevalent immediately after. On the other hand it feels somewhat sacrilegious to do that today, because of the enormity of the violence and loss of that day. On the other other hand (I have many apparently) I can honestly say I know no one who died that day. Seriously. I know people who knew people who died, but to my knowledge no one I knew personally. So it seems sort of odd for me to still feel like I have to feel so conflicted, since the affect on me was only that of a general national sentiment. My outrage is purely sympathetic. But it is still undeniably there.

Do you have weird feelings about going to work today? I honestly struggled with whether I was going to put effort into promoting the ebook bundle that I have been doing. I'm not sure why, but it seems disingenuous to try to sell people things today. Of course I'm terrible at sales in general and tend to feel personally violated when someone tries to sell me anything - even something I want to buy - whether it's 9/11 or not. So maybe that's just me. But even some of the adoption agency stuff, which usually I feel a moral imperative to do because it is important and needed and save the children and social work all the people etc. etc. etc., feels sort of sacrilegious. At least the stuff that's more about business and marketing rather than straight up counseling and crying. (For those of you who think everything is about counseling and crying, not so gentle reminder that without business and marketing there would be no counseling and crying. You have to know that I'm available to counsel and a safe shoulder to cry on, and for you to know that I have to get expensively licensed for it, advertise it, and be paid for it. Yeah, think about it. Ok, stepping off soapbox.)

If I was being a good marketer I'd huff some oils and tell you to do that too. But even linking affiliate links to this post feels weird. I'm gonna do it anyway, but know that in my heart it's very passive aggressive. Like I'm going to link because if you buy through it that's great and bolstering my personal economy which is good because my family is expensive, but I feel sort of guilty about it. But you know, buy stuff or the terrorists win. See, it is just still very unrelatable to me.

So now you know some of my inner conflicts. Am I the only introvert out there overanalyzing? Perhaps. But if I am I'm ok with it, because it's sort of how I roll. On the other other other hand (right? we're up to 4 or 5?) feel free to comment with your 9/11 stories, I still find it cathartic to read them.

Please note, while there may be affiliate links or payment for reviews, all opinions are my own. You can't buy a good review from me, people. I am way too mouthy for that.
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