Book Review: The Labyrinth Wall

The Labyrinth WallThe Labyrinth Wall by Emilyann Girdner
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Like all other Mahk, Araina lives in the Labyrinth and spends most of her days hunting for obsidian to pay her taxes and tries to avoid being killed by other Mahk for food. But Araina has a secret friend, a bird named Blue. Blue would normally make a tasty meal, so Araina carefully hides and protects her, and in doing so finds some measure of comfort and friendship. Blue has a secret too, and when she reveals it all of a sudden Araina finds hope to escape her miserable existence and fight the Creators, who put her people in the position to only just barely survive. Will she be able to trust some other Mahk she comes across or are they just using her? Will they breach the wall and if so, what’s on the other side?

The Labyrinth Wall is the first in the Obsidian series, and as a fan of fantasy literature I think the series has huge potential. Author Emilyann Girdner has done a fabulous job of setting the scene and setting up really interesting and relatable characters without revealing all of their secrets just yet. Given the nature of the labyrinth and the potential for conflict between not just the Creators and the Mahk, but internal conflict and the violent nature of the culture of the labyrinth, I am eagerly anticipating the rest of the series. I think there are many hidden spiritual undertones as well, and am looking forward to putting those pieces in the puzzle, or maze as it were.

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