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One thing I haven't mentioned much about administrating the Ehlens (see what I did there) is the dietary changes. I'm not sure why, because this part of it is super stressful. We figured out very early on that dairy was not going to work for our family. I'm still in mourning. I still sneak ice cream when the kids aren't looking. See, my system can tolerate dairy. This does not seem to be the case for the other family members.

The oils actually help some with dairy - Matt will use the "tummy oil" when he knows he is going to be bad about dairy. (This would be DigestZen for those of you who don't have small children who rename everything.) But in general, we abstain. In case you are wondering, David and Rachelle used to slurp dairy all day and we had milk delivered. However, once we decided to see if diet had anything to do with David's delays, we were floored when after 3 days of no dairy he was speaking in complete, multi word sentences, had stopped head banging when he threw fits, and was generally just less fuzzy, more easily focused on a direction or task. We can still tell when he has had dairy and didn't know it - his behavior tanks. So does his cognition. Sadly, this appears to be the same for gluten. Before you ask, yes we did allergy tests. No, he is not technically allergic to either. But it's hard to deny the behavior changes. I'm hoping that as he matures he might be able to tolerate small doses, but for now we are one of those obnoxious GFCF families. I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry. (Bonus points if you can attribute that quote!)

I hate cooking this way. I like sandwiches. I like pasta. I like creamy sauces. Truth be told, large amounts of produce staring back at me kind of makes me nervous. And I have a really sensitive palate to even slightly overripe produce. It totally grosses me out, even when not pregnant. But I am trying, because I know that it is better for me in the long term, and it is critical for my kids now. 

Given that I can, in fact, talk about things other than adoption and essential oils, and that diet is a huge part of how we live our life. I felt I would be remiss in not pointing out the fabulous resources available in the Ultimate Healthy Living Ebook Bundle. The sale is only on for a few more days, so don't wait! 

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