Book Review: Found, Near Water

Found, Near WaterFound, Near Water by Katherine Hayton
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Christine leads a support group for women, like her, who have lost their children. Some are known deceased, others are unknown. Over time the support group dwindled to a few women who became fast friends as they bonded over their shared grief. But what will happen when Christine, a victim support advocate, has to be there for a new mother who has also lost her child, and a curious psychic tells her that the child is dead, and the body will be found, near water? Will Christine be able to support her and deal with her own past and present, and will the women she calls friends still be able to rely on their own stories to get them through the ensuing scandal?

As a mother, one of the worst fears is that of your child being abducted, dieing of some horrible disease, or being killed in an accident. No parent should have to outlive their child, regardless of how old the parents or the child. I think that’s what made this books so compelling, it was one of those train wreck scenarios where it’s just too awful to look away; you are helpless to hold back the deluge of tragedy. Each of the support group women’s back story is told in the context of the unfolding story, and even though I have never gone through any of that the possibility still haunts me. The emotion behind the stories was palpable, and I finished the book in one afternoon - I couldn’t put it down. Even though it was a tragic story it was a very good read, and made me resolve even further to protect my kids and any others that I can from the sickos out there, because no child should be without secure, loving parents, and no parents should have to hang on to a thin thread of hope that their child will be found.

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