Book Review: Lonely Heroes

Lonely Heroes by Eddie Upnick
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Lonely Heroes, a spinoff to the Time Will Tell series, is set present day, so between Time Will Tell and Future Tense. The book follows Roger, a CIA agent who fashions himself as the American Bond. He proves his worth in an Iranian nuclear bunker, and is plucked from the planet by Defender to complete a special mission to prevent an alien race from destroying Earth. Aided by a couple super genius friends, including the lovely Zera, he is able to move up in mission status to help some off-world negotiations that don’t directly affect Earth….yet.

While I was intrigued by the plot of Lonely Heroes, I found the writing to be dry and unemotional, almost as if someone was describing a movie they had seen rather than immersing yourself in a good novel. It was mostly rote narration, even description of dialogue and actions rather than main character POV. I also thought that it was a bit unfocused, as the first part is almost all Earth and CIA subterfuge, rather than sci-fi, save the Earth from the aliens kinda stuff. But the story and related series seems like a really good concept; the book just seems to really be in need of some editing.

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