Book Review: Chrissie's Run

Chrissie's RunChrissie's Run by S.A. Mahan
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The New Republic is the epitome of civilization, and as such does not tolerate deformity. When knocked-up teen Chrissie is told her unborn son will be born without his right hand or foot, she is scheduled for an abortion and sterilization, like it or not. If she wants to save her child, she must escape the only world she has ever known. Daniel is worth all the trials and tribulations she will endure, but will she survive being hunted by those who try to keep the rest of her society clueless to the real world? Or has she doomed both her son’s life and her own?

Chrissie’s Run is a fast paced, post-modern thriller that takes certain modern cultural norms to their logical conclusion. It is very well written and keeps the reader engaged and wondering what exactly is the world that Chrissie has left and what world she gains by her run, and above all showcases a mother’s love for her child. I loved the glaringly obvious pro-life message and mild allegorical undertones, which is not surprising for anyone who knows me (I work for an adoption agency) and I think that fictionalizing that message allows you to see beyond the rhetoric and come to your own conclusions. For anyone who enjoys futuristic fantasy this is a great read, whether you dig the message or not.

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