Book Review: The Beast of Seabourne

The Beast of Seabourne (Artefact, #2)The Beast of Seabourne by Rhys A. Jones
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Oz and his friends Ellie and Rufus have a sneaking suspicion that the Obsidian pebble was not the end of the story. Using Soph, the avatar for the clever tech found in the pebble, they go on a search for the next artifact, the black ring. It has been found once before, but that man met with an unpleasant demise. Will they be able to find it before the Beast of Seabourne unleashes on them, the way it has unleashed on some of their school bullies? And will they be able to prevent the evil scheme Gerber is trying to unleash on the world? Follow these unlikely heroes as they hunt down and discover exactly what the Beast of Seabourne really is.

The Beast of Seabourne, book two in the Artefact Quintet, follows Oz and his friends as they try to unravel the mystery left to Oz by his late father, who was mysteriously murdered after its discovery, and now it seems that murder is coming after Oz as well. Author Rhys A. Jones spins a clever tale that is perfect for the tween set, much inspired by J.K. Rowling style children’s literature without totally ripping it off, as is often done. This series has magic that is ultimately explained by tech, and totally engages both children and adults alike in unweaving the mystery of the artifacts that appeared over 100 years ago. It is set in England, so American readers might not be totally familiar with the school system or some of the slang, but that doesn’t really get in the way of the story and certainly does not hinder the character development. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel and am very much looking forward to reading the rest of the series!

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