Book Review: I Was an Unsolved Mystery

I Was an Unsolved Mystery: A Fugitive's StoryI Was an Unsolved Mystery: A Fugitive's Story by Thomas Lion
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Tom Lion was done with his pot-dealing days, not that he thought there was anything wrong with smoking pot. It was a moral issue, as far as he was concerned rather than a government one. Unfortunately for him, the US government thought differently, particularly during the War on Drugs of the 80’s and 90’s. In his memoir, he details his life a fugitive, on the run from his capture that was due, in part, to his appearance on the hit TV show Unsolved Mysteries.

To say Lion’s memoir is well-written would be an understatement and probably selling it a little short. While the narrative could have used a once-over in editing to catch a few minor mispells and text corrections, the characters are well-developed and relatable, and the memoir from prison style is quite engaging. His details about money laundering, national politics sway of the drug market, and drug lifestyle are fascinating and really helpful to understand his opinions. Whether you agree or not, his political stance and opinions are enlightening, and really must be taken seriously given his first hand involvement. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for perspective on the marijuana debate in this country, regardless of what side you tend to favor. There is plenty of pot politics and opinions espoused by Lion, but even so the story is quite gripping. Ultimately, you are left pondering your own stance on pot politics, and any book that forces the reader to delve deeply into the “why” of his or her own thoughts and opinions

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