Book Review: Legend of the Stone: Chapter 1

Legend of the Stone: Chapter I (Loserville Engineering The Successions)Legend of the Stone: Chapter I by Lucas R. Ballard
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Lucas is a project. Tortured by scientists and soldiers since his discovery at age 8, he has managed to survive everything they have thrown at him. He is an asset, but a resentful one. When the opportunity to escape arises he takes it, and takes out many of the torturers while doing so. He finds a rare friend who saves his life, and together they discover the power of the stone he found during his escape. Will he and Juan survive their attempt to hijack a freighter and leave the moon, or will their stone-enhanced powers be too little, too late?

I really wanted to like this book. The premise of Merlin’s magic returning to humans after he casts it out intrigued me, as did the prospect of it coming to a man mottled by experimentation. But the writing was There were run-ons and fragments, tenses jumping in and out all over the place, strange redundancies, and obvious wrong words, like “cloths” instead of “clothes.” There was also blatant contradictions, such as referring to a lifeless body that was breathing. I really think the storyline has potential, but the text itself is in dire need of editing.

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