Book Review: Halith

HalithHalith by Kirsten Kelly
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Halith has always had a love/hate relationship with her destiny. On the one hand, she has always known she was meant to be a warrior, despite the obvious gender stereotype issue. On the other hand, people in her life keep pointing her toward her true destiny, and she doesn’t like following directions. In keeping with her defiance of the norm, she gathers her friends and makes plans to thwart the war of the inevitable. At the heart of it though, is her desire to meet her famous father and find out if he is the missing piece she always assumed he was.

Fans of RPGs will see a lot of familiar elements, the fantasy world, the races, the series of increasingly more difficult quests, random objects picked up that play a part in the story later, a team of differently abled people that form a cohesive unit because each has a skill necessary for the group. This one is chock full of girl power, although honestly that isn’t as rare in the fantasy world. Although the gamer in me cringed a few times, and the writing critic in me a few more, I think it is a solid first novel, although I suspect as the series progresses you might cringe a little if you go back to read the first attempt. The writing is a little flat, and sometimes jumps back and forth from strange old English to modern, and the relationships progress rather fast and conveniently, but still a story emerged, and I hope it’s one that digs a little deeper in the next installment.

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