Book Review: The Royal Dragoneers

The Royal Dragoneers (The Dragoneers Saga, #1)The Royal Dragoneers by M.R. Mathias
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The trolls are invading, and have been sited even near Jenka’s remote town of Crag. While out hunting, he encounters something he never thought he would see, a dragon, and what’s more, a dragon who defends him. Thus begins Jenka’s journey to Jade, his bonded dragon, and together they find others who likewise have kept a deep secret of actual communication with dragons. When they discover the real reason behind the increased troll activity, they must bond together as Dragoneers to fight the coming horde. But will they be able to protect the Kingdom and fight the great conflict to come?

Tolkein once said, “It simply isn’t an adventure worth telling if there aren’t any dragons.” M.R. Mathias has taken that to heart and showcases dragons at both their best and worst in this beginning of the Dragoneer saga. He sets the stage by introducing Jenka and a quick back story, but the story then is off and running at a pretty hectic pace. Mathias’ work is marked by short scenes that intertwine to tell a much larger tale. While I love the frenzy of it, towards the end it seemed a little too fast paced, jumping from battle to battle without too much explanation of where and why, and I would have liked a little more emotional description, as demonstrated in the beginning of the book. Still it is a wonderfully epic adventure, a great set up for a longer series, and engaging for both kids and adults alike. If you enjoy losing yourself in a fantasy world full of both wonderful and terrifying creatures, the Dragoneers await!

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