Book Review: Bloodline Gypsy

Bloodline Gypsy: Jook and Gypsies Vol. 1Bloodline Gypsy: Jook and Gypsies Vol. 1 by Shirley A. Martin
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Susannah has always known she was a little different. Her unconventional, nomadic childhood did nothing to prepare her for the death of her mother and grandparents in a terrible crash, or the home of her thus far absent father and his family. Finding out a mythical creature is after her and another is protecting her seems almost par for the course. She wasn’t sure how she was going to embrace her destiny, but it was barreling down in her in a live or die scenario. She was pretty sure life was the better option, but it isn’t exactly the life she planned.

Yep, it’s a werewolf book. So far only one mention of vampires though, in case you were worried. I have to admit, I know almost nothing about werewolf mythology, so reading some of the history and backstory of the werewolf-gypsy relationship was pretty fascinating for me.It was well done and presented as a natural part of the story, which made for easy reading. I enjoyed the character development, particularly the non-human development and contrast with humans, and am very much looking forward to seeing how Susannah fares on the run with her protectors. Note for sensitive stomachs, there is a fair amount of gore in the book, as well as some graphic sexual violence. It made sense in the context of the story, but it was a bit to stomach if you don’t normally read this type of story. It’s a really fascinating read though, and I’d recommend it to anyone who enjoys supernatural thrillers.

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