Book Review: Child of Shadows

Child of Shadows (The Shadow God Trilogy Book 1)Child of Shadows by Kathe Todd
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Leila has had a rough life, but she’s made the best of it. She has scrapped, stolen and survived, and while she is an excellent thief, her luck may be about to run out. Running from guards who discovered her theft, she is drawn to an eery temple and is conscripted into service by a disgraced god. Will she be able to complete his task and restore him to his former glory? Not even his gifts and her skills as a thief may get her through this adventure.

Set in an alternate reality Age of Enlightenment Europe (1700s or so) where the gods are not just stories but actively participating in modern life, author Kathe Todd pits them against each other in much the same way the Greek and Roman pantheon are portrayed in the classical stories. They squabble, they manipulate, and for some reason they always require human muscle to carry out their divine intervention. The story progresses like an epic, with a long journey and a lot of learning. It starts with Leila as a child and ends with her as a woman, but I love the history and the back story. I think it’s a great read, and am looking forward to reading the rest of the trilogy.

Note for parents, some sex and occult themes.

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