Book Review: Church of Martyrs

Church of MartyrsChurch of Martyrs by Pete Fusco
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Eddie, former priest and current sole occupant of the derelict Church of Martyrs in Cleveland is really not sure why he has garnered the attention of any assassin, but he’s grateful the creepy, over realistic statues of famous Church martyrs were there to save him. Now if he could just figure out what they want from him, and how to stay alive and maybe how to keep the pope alive, that would be awesome.

I loved the somewhat sacrilegious humor coupled with the healthy skepticism of religion in general, although the Catholic Church was the prime target in this one. I also loved that it was a fast paced globe trotter and the added supernatural aspect, although as a social worker, I was a little frownie at the relationship progression. Still it is a great read, and anyone looking for a quick read should definitely pick this one up.

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