Book Review: Trigon Daze

Trigon Daze: (The Legend of Vanx Malic Book Five)Trigon Daze: by M.R. Mathias
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Vanx Malic has managed to free his friend, Chelda, from the spell that kept her bound to the Shadowmane, and hoping that what he saw in the Mirror of Portent can be prevented, or at least changed. When the Trigon start the invasion just as he saw he isn’t sure if he can protect his friends or if the zombie warriors will just bowl over everything in their path, with the help of the grand dracus hovering over the battle. Losses are inevitable, but is this war even winnable? He has to try….

In general I love M.R. Mathias’ series, but I have to admit I felt like this was one of the weaker, more connective filler novels. Necessary, but not the absolute best. There wasn’t loads of character development as we were already familiar with most of the cast, and I think that is where Mathias shines in some of his other novels. I did LOVE the short story at the end about Foxwise Posey-thorne, I thought that really added a lot of love to that character. However, the battle was pretty epic, and as usual there was lots of immersive description. I think the battle took up most of the book, which is where I started to get a little bored - there’s only so much battle carnage I can take before I start to skim. But it was still a really solid fantasy novel, and I think fans of Mathias as well as the genre in general will really enjoy Vanx and his adventures.

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