Book Review: Where Angels Prey

Where Angels PreyWhere Angels Prey by Ramesh S Arunachalam
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Bob has a nose for a story, and something about Prasad Kamenini doesn’t smell right. Sure, his company, SAAMAN is hailed as the cure for poverty in India, thanks to his microlending program and innate ability to help foreign investors part with hefty sums to aid the poverty relief for some of the poorest of the poor, but Bob is convinced there’s more than he’s telling. Maybe even more of the extra-legal variety, and not particularly helpful to the poor, to the point of hurting the most vulnerable. Armed with a global list of contacts and aided by his good friend and Indian reporter Chandresh, Bob dives into the world of microfinance, and what he finds is about as far from angelic as you can get.

Where Angels Prey tells an intricate tale of corruption, and one the Western world needs to hear. While there is nothing inherently wrong with microfinance, it is not always monitored and distributed properly, and can sometimes replace a broken system with an even more broken one. While a sometimes complicated story, it is worth it to delve deeper into the issues, particularly from a non-Western perspective. I know that it opened my eyes to issues and practices I was not aware of, and I appreciate that immensely. Overall the story was very compelling and the issue very real in the modern world.

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