Book Review: Dark Shadow of Babylon

Dark Shadow of BabylonDark Shadow of Babylon by Julian Speed
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Spanning centuries, a dark shadow is buried beneath the ground, waiting for his chance to rise again. It comes in the form of naive college students who, guided by a dark hand, begin to excavate his tomb and let him out to feast once again. As soon as he reunites with his conspirators, a hell so tormented will be released that no one will be beyond his grasp, not on this earthly plane or others. Only those who put him in the ground once can put him back, and only if they can reunite reincarnated.

Dark Shadow of Babylon is a paranormal chiller, and those with weak stomachs should note the gore content. While the bones of a good story lies in the book (hahahaha) it is really in need of editing. There are a lot of characters - some reincarnations of other characters - and there are so many types of paranormal activities that it’s hard to reconcile them all in the same space. In fact I think that a character named Pamela’s name changed to Emily by the end of the story, but I’m honestly not sure if it was the same character or not. It seems pretty clear that this is supposed to be at least a trilogy, and I think that it is a story that needs to be completed, just with some focus on the main point, which is preventing the original shadows from reuniting, because that story is quite compelling. I’m hoping that now that the main cast has been established the rest of the story will focus on them a bit more.

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