Book Review: In the Blood of the Greeks

In The Blood Of The Greeks (Intertwined Souls, #1)In The Blood Of The Greeks by Mary D. Brooks
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In the tiny Greek town of Larissa Zoe vows to do everything she can to fight the German occupation, despite her age, size and gender. She will do whatever the local Resistance asks her, but she vows to destroy the woman who laughed as her mother was gunned down. She’s pretty sure that Eva Muller, the daughter of the local German commander, is the one she needs to kill, but she is forced to hold back as the Resistance needs her alive, and even worse, needs Zoe to help take care of her! Can she fight the larger injustice while stifling her own need for vengeance?

Note to readers, there is some violence and GLBT themes. 

In the Blood of the Greeks is set in WW2 occupied Greece, which is a change from a lot of other WW2 stories, at least for me. I haven’t read too much about the Greek resistance, other than it existed and contributed the post-WW2 struggle in the Baltic between monarchy and communism. This puts a more human face to it, which I welcomed. Intertwined in the story were GLBT themes, which while an integral part of the story, were definitely held off to the end in terms of development. The story did not focus much on the treatment of the Jews or the GLBT community, which I found somewhat interesting, as it is known that both suffered and died in concentration camps. Instead the setting is one tiny town and one relationship, which puts it at a more micro level. The writing flowed well, and I really appreciated the level of character development. I am sure the rest of the series will flesh out both the GLBT and post-war themes, albeit in a different setting, and I think the resolutions may be somewhat surprising.

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