Book Review: The Kingdom of Assassins

The Kingdom of Assassins: Political perception is not political realityThe Kingdom of Assassins: Political perception is not political reality by Erik Mackenzie
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Mac has been through more than his share of heartache, but he still tries to protect the streets of New York. When he gets wind of a potential threat to the city, he uses all his skills as a retired vet and impressive diplomatic abilities to prevent it. Along the way he meets a Saudi princess, who might just open a door that allows him to exact revenge on those who killed his son.
Along with the companion graphic novel, Kingdom of Assassins examines the relationship between the US and the Middle East, particularly Saudi Arabia, and the possibility of an uneasy alliance growing colder. In general the writing was fast paced and engaging, but it ended far too abruptly, in my opinion. I also thought the fight scenes were a little too detailed, and actually thought they would be more suited to a graphic novel or more visual medium. But overall it’s a great premise, and I enjoyed both the action and relational dynamic. Hope to see more in the future!

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