Book Review: David Finkleman and Dangerous Magic

David Finkleman and Dangerous Magic (David Finkleman)David Finkleman and Dangerous Magic by P.K. Burian
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It’s hard enough to be a sophomore in high school, especially when you number among the smaller, nerdier crowd, rather than the jocks. It’s even harder to keep a secret about your personal identity, which David Finkleman must do. But when strange things start happening in your high school, and you just happen to know a little bit of magic to expose those who may be causing kids to do drugs with stranger than average side effects, can you really keep that to yourself? David has to figure out how to help and hide at the same time.

David Finkleman and Dangerous Magic follows a teen who is training to be a wizard in a muggle world. He can’t tell anyone about his powers, and relies on his family secret, especially his grandfather to help hone his natural skill. It’s not quite the rip off of Harry Potter that you may think, although I think the same type of audience would really enjoy this book. It’s a little amateur, with a few obvious grammar and spelling errors, but it is really very high school cute in some ways with some action adventure and defending the family honor thrown in, all infused with a little magic.This was a quick read for me, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I look forward to finding out more about the characters, and watching David navigate through high school with his secret wizardry.

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