Book Review: Devil in Modern Eden

The Devil in Modern EdenThe Devil in Modern Eden by Tom Graneau
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Is the Devil real? Does he really manipulate his minions to interfere in the lives of your average citizen? Would a good God really send people to hell?


The Devil in Modern Eden explores many of the common questions about hell and evil, and what Christians can do to rebuff it. It should be noted that this comes from a blatantly Christian perspective, and focuses on the Christians interaction and reliance on God to combat the wiles of the devil. Knowing that, it is an interesting history lesson and really a very thorough explanation of salvation and how to act out your Christianity in modern life. Aside from the acknowledgement that there is a real devil, and that he influences you through evil thoughts and uses modern versions of old institutions (media, drugs, sex, etc.) I was actually surprised about how light the information on Satan was. I expected more than a very basic intro, and yet this is what I found. Rather it was more of a primer on how to live as a faithful Christian in this day and age, which is a fine topic but not what I was expecting based on the title and synopsis. From a personal perspective as a Christian, I also found this leaning uncomfortably Armenian, with a lot of emphasis on how we influence our own salvation, almost to the point of working our way into God’s good graces by fighting off the devil’s influences, rather than embracing radical grace. Still, I appreciate any acknowledgement of a real enemy and a real fight, as it is too often ignored, even in Christian literature.

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