Book Review: Stop Talking & Start Selling Your Book

Stop Talking & Start Selling Your BookStop Talking & Start Selling Your Book by Terrance Zepke
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I will fully admit to being terrible at marketing myself. I’m a good advocate for other people, but it feels weird to ask people to buy something I created. That being said, I did write an ebook in a niche market (adoption) and I have done a few things to sell it. Like I posted on Facebook once or twice. I know that’s probably not enough, but wasn’t exactly sure what the right amount of self promotion is. This book really gives you lots of ideas and kicks you into gear about selling your own product, and I appreciate that. Zepke points out that you can’t rely on traditional publishers and there are thousands of books published annually, so you have to stand out. Everyone has to be their own marketer, whether you are represented or totally self publish. I had read a few of the suggestions he makes, but not all by any means. If you are looking for some good resources and honest opinions of what works and doesn’t then this will definitely help push you in the right direction.

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