Book Review: The Tears of Olive Trees

The Tears of Olive TreesThe Tears of Olive Trees by AbdulKarim Al Makadma
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Karim has made up his mind, he’s volunteering his skill as a physician in Somalia. His wife, Sara, isn’t super happy about it, but she understands his need to go. For the average person, particularly the average Western person, to understand you have to go back to his homeland, and his father being forced out of it. Karim grew up in the refugee camps of Palestine, and feels a sad kinship with the children in Mogadishu. Karim tells us of his family’s life in Palestine, and how they were forcibly evicted and how his father helped him to rise above circumstance to be a success.

The Israeli/Palestinian conflict started long ago, and this book does not resolve the conflict. Karim himself acknowledges the history and depth of the conflict, and details his personal resolve to rise above it. That being said, if you have never read a first hand account of a Palestinian refugee this is a fabulous insight into the modern conflict. I will say, it is blatantly pro-Palestine, and it should be, given the personal history. I will be honest and say I don’t agree with Karim’s opinions on everything, but so appreciated his delivery and insight. I also think regardless of your opinions on Middle East conflict you should always consider the points of those who actually lived through it - and Karim did. I loved the original poetry and the optimism of the whole thing, and really appreciate the opportunity to review it.

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