Book Review: The Sensitives

The SensitivesThe Sensitives by D.O. Thomson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The power is out all over the world, and no one knows why. People are dying by the thousands, and only a few select people are figuring out that the origins might be not human. Race is charged with protecting his little crew of Sensitives, but together they might just have evolved enough to take on the Zul, but only if the Zul don’t find them first.

The story is interesting - evolved humans taking out the alien equivalent of a drug cartel. Unfortunately, the writing depth does not do the story justice. The characters are shallow and stereotypical, such as the Canadian “Eh.” after every phrase, and the writing is curt to the point of staccato. The story jumps around in time, refusing to follow a linear progression, and goes into excruciating detail about several back stories. I really wanted to like this book because the plot intrigued me; unfortunately the juvenile writing prevented me from ever really engaging.

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