Book Review: Veil of Darkness

Veil of DarknessVeil of Darkness by T.C. Metivier
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There has been peace for 800 years, but the growing Coalition threatens the Federation’s tenuous peace. There are whispered rumors, and those paying attention to other dimensions are feeling the growing evil creep nearer. Admiral Ortega knows that he must stop it at all cost, because he knows the man behind it. Roger knows it’s coming, but is too busy on his own quest to recognize his role. Justin and Austin are only just recognizing that their role is not just those of diplomats, but of key players in the unfolding drama. Will they be able to defeat the encroaching evil or will the prophecies be misread?

Author Metiver has introduced a new universe full of species, politics, and space travel. While there are obvious elements common to sci-fi series (it’s hard to get away from a federation of planets and some sort of rebel coalition), he does a great job spinning a new tale in a new world with characters that are well plotted and deep. This is book one in the Chalas Peruvas series and it does an excellent job of establishing the backdrop as well as introducing the characters depth in charisma without resorting to long, boring plot exposition narratives. The addition of a dimensional/spirtual/magical element is also quite tantalizing. I really look forward to reading the next book!

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