Book Review: The Law of Attraction Saved My Life & It Can Save Yours

The Law of Attraction Saved My Life & It Can Save YoursThe Law of Attraction Saved My Life & It Can Save Yours by Kenneth Griffin Jr
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Have you ever seen that Saturday Night Live sketch with Tina Fey as Sarah Palin and Amy Poehler as Hillary Clinton? Ok there were a few, but this one had Tina Fey optimistically saying something to the effect of, “You just gotta want it!” Which sends Amy Poehler into maniacal laughter responding (again to the effect of), “Oh, ok, that must be my problem, I just didn’t want it enough!”

If you haven’t go watch it on Hulu, it’s hilarious. And completely honest, because we all know that no one - man or woman - has ever wanted to be President more than Hillary Clinton. If there was ever anyone who would be able to think herself to the Presidency, it’s Hillary.

That sums up my ultimate reaction to this book. I have a cursory understanding of the law of attraction, although I fully admit it has never been a primary course of study for me. What intrigued me was the author’s promise to show how it has worked in a real person’s life, rather than just an academic text Promise fully delivered, by the way. This is definitely not an academic read but more of a memoir, which I genuinely appreciated. The other main intrigue for me was the author’s promise to relate it to the concept of God. This promise was not so much delivered, in my humble opinion. I was very much looking forward to perhaps some relation of the law of attraction to the famous Jer 29:11 verse, or the promise of God giving good gifts to His children. Instead I heard, yep God created the law of attraction and we have no choice but to abide by it because we are little bits of God. And that was about it. The rest summed up every time the author had been wronged in his life and him blaming himself because he wasn’t attracting positivity with his positive thoughts. That was where it lost me eventually. As a social worker I need to tell you, it is not your fault when you are abused as a child. Period. Thinking happy thoughts about your abuser is not likely to change their behavior. Of course I believe everyone needs God in their life, even abusers, but for God to be God He cannot be controlled by our happy thoughts. While there certainly are correlations in research on things like self-fulfilled prophecy and the power of prayer, it never seemed to take it quite to the level of the law of attraction, and I firmly believe moderation is key. There are always going to be events outside your control, and that is ok.

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