Book Review: Taming Tigers

Taming TigersTaming Tigers by Daisy White
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Not all fairy tales are about finding the handsome prince. Sometimes he’s the ancillary character, and the real challenge is killing the evil king. But how is a poor seamstress to take on one of the most evil warlords in the region?

Once again, Daisy White offers a strong female character rising above her circumstances to save the day. This one involves an actual physical journey in addition to a metaphoric one, and it is a harrowing journey full of ghosts, tigers and discoveries. I really enjoyed the love story being simultaneously central and peripheral, and the solution complicated. I’ve only just discovered Daisy White’s fiction but am thoroughly enjoying her grasp of complex situations and characters spun into a relatively short story. If you like engaging quick reads that leave far more to ponder than your typical YA fiction, I highly recommend anything by Daisy White.

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