Book Review: Bio-sapiens

BIO-Sapien book 1 - Optic-warp (BIO-Sapien - Rebirth series)BIO-Sapien book 1 - Optic-warp by Vlane Carter
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Jaden has to make a tough choice, does he trust the military who are chasing him, or does he trust the UFO scanning him? If he chooses the military then he stays on earth, but would anyone ever hear from again? But if he chooses the UFO will he ever see his friends and family? Will they probe him like some kind of experiment? He has to make his choice now if he wants to live.

Bio-Sapien Optic Warp is the first in a series of sci-fi action/adventure type graphic novel. I’m honestly not sure if it is classified as a graphic novel or note as not all of the illustrations loaded for me. (Note, I read it on a Kindle, and not all of the pictures downloaded, some had what looked like QR codes or place holders - might want to update that because I think the illustrations are really helpful to understand some of the choppier action scenes.) I should note the writing is in present tense deliberately, and many of the scenes are very action oriented, as you are living them through Jaden in real time. This was a little confusing at first but made sense as I read on, although I admit is an acquired taste, possibly too much for some. What did bother me was that everyone sounded like a 19 year old boy - the journalist, the military personnel, Jaden’s parents, various aliens, etc. I did think that more attention needed to be paid to character voices as that clearly a high level military officer with decades of experience is not going to talk like a teenager. The science was interesting but understandable for the most, part, which I appreciated. Overall it seems like it could be a good series, but could use some honing and character development.

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