Book Review: Quantum Heights

Quantum Heights: The Dead Path ChroniclesQuantum Heights: The Dead Path Chronicles by Richard A Valicek
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Confidus knows that the vampire threat is growing; they are gaining power and he has to stop it. Of his four sons, Caprius is the best choice to investigate and eliminate the threat, but the Golden Fleece says he can’t do it alone. Confidus must send him out on his quest, even though his wife is recovering from her own vampiric encounter.

I was hoping this was more than a Twilight knock off, and it was - unfortunately, not in all good ways. I appreciated that it wasn’t all vampire bites and werewolf angst, but the only epic part of this book was the random assault of repetitive adjectives in staccato sentences. The need for a no-nonsense editor is dire. I can tell there are symphonic plots itching to be put on paper, but there were very basic grammar and spelling mistakes and choppy, clunky descriptions that felt more like an attempt at stage blocking directions rather than an epic tour through a fantasy realm. The mistakes were obvious - using the word “new” in place of “knew;” the phrase “fowl breed” rather than “foul breed;” and even obvious wrong words - “cassettes” rather than “coffins.” The setting was awkward, as it was obviously either a fantasy world or somewhere around medieval Europe, but characters used modern idioms and allusions such as making Playboy bunny and Bugs Bunny references - yes, in the same sentence. I really wanted to like this book, but unless there is a major overhaul I just can’t endorse it.

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