Book Review: Revolutionary Eyesight Breakthrough

I have had glasses since I was in third grade, and my prescription has always been pretty bad. If I’m not wearing glasses or contacts I quite literally cannot see my hand in front of my face - it’s just a flesh colored blur. Naturally, I was interested in improving my eyesight, and the freer the better, since I can’t afford Lasik even though I’m apparently an ideal candidate.

This is not a quick cure, but there are some solid points in there. I can’t say that my eyesight is vastly improved, but your health will improve overall with some of the suggestions and points given in this book. I need to be more consistent with these exercises, but bottom line is they will not harm you, so they are absolutely worth a try. I have been slowly detoxing my life and health, using more natural cleaning products and essential oils instead of OTCs, so this fits right in with my new approach. Good luck to all who try it!
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