Book Review: Zeal Master

Zeal Master Way of the Warrior by Rahmel Garner
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

This world is full of constant battle between ordinary humans and the extraordinary zeal masters - those who carry the sacred zeal mark. Legend tells of a human who can rise up and defeat the evil zeal masters and bring harmony to everyone, but can it be true? Can Zirei embrace his destiny despite the rage in his heart?

I like martial arts stories. And I like paranormal stories. You would think the combination would be a no brainer. But this was written like a 14 year old forgot to go to grammar class and stayed home to play Street Fighter instead, and then fell asleep while watching Yu Gi Oh. The grammar, punctuation and spelling was combined into run on sentences as commas just kept coming in rapid succession. The story seemed like it could have had at least some video game narration depth, but it was so hard to read and characters just kept getting killed off before we really ever got to know them that it wasn’t worth investing the emotional energy. I got angry every time the word “fore” was used in place of “for.” Bottom line, this book needs editing and professional illustrations rather than crayon drawings to even be considered.

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