Book Review: From a Criminal Mind to the Mind of Christ

From a criminal mind to the mind of ChristFrom a criminal mind to the mind of Christ by Melody Wolfe
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Melody has battled addiction, been incarcerated, survived the death of her husband and faced mental health diagnoses head on. She admittedly struggled to walk the straight and narrow, and wondered if it could even really be done. As a Christian, she knew she was a bad witness. But how do you work your way up to walking the walk?

Of course the answer is you don’t. Melody found that only when she embraced the mind of Christ and let him do the directing could she walk the walk. Melody writes From a Criminal Mind to the Mind of Christ from a very open, raw perspective of someone who has been through it and while far from perfect, has embraced the radiant person that she is meant to be in Christ. I should note, this is written specifically from a Christian perspective and is intended for those who can embrace Christianity as part of their recovery process, if you are not already a Christian. There is a bit of Christianese in there that was the only thing I might have changed, since not everyone comes from a church background. I love that she does not deny that she was a Christian while she was sinning - being a sinner is kind of a requirement for becoming a Christian! She acknowledges her bad witness while explaining her path to being a better one. She isn’t trying to be a professional therapist, just telling her story and encouraging others. If you need to know that you can face and beat things like addiction and your circumstances please pick up this book!

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