Book Review: Lilith Eden's Planetary Princess

Lilith: Eden's Planetary Princess (The Michael Archives #1)Lilith: Eden's Planetary Princess by C.E. Robinson
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35,000 years ago a war in heaven is just starting to heat up. King Joshua is desperate to save his Angels, who are being harvested and reconfigured into Nephilim, fighting for the Overlords. While he is distracted by this, a devastating political parlay is going down on Eden, as unexpectedly Lilith is taking shape as the newest, and fiercely dangerous planetary princess.

I love a good origin story, and and it doesn’t get more original than Lilith in Eden. I liked that this story put a twist on what we generally think of for Earth’s origin, and all the characters were fascinating. You find most major religions and philosophies duking it out in several realms, often interacting in a way you would not expect. While in general I liked the story, I think that it was rather long and overly detailed. I understand this might be necessary to the series, but there were portions that I think could have been edited out or told in more succinct history/flashback mode. Robinson’s devotion to the subject matter is obvious, and I’m hopeful that the rest of the series fleshes out more about Earth’s origins and early history.

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